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Top 10 Post-Church Worship Songs

December 25, 2009

Top 10 Post-Church Worship Songs

10. Shout to the Waiter
9. Come Thou Meet at Cracker Barrel
8. How Great Wal-Mart
7. Draw Me Close to a Parking Space
6. Jesus Paid The Tip
5. How Deep the Father’s Wallet
4. Here I Am to Eat Chips
3. Come Just As You Are, Since You Are Already Dressed Up
2. A Mighty Hunger
1. Hallelujah! (The Parking is Amazing)

((Got any more??))


Beautiful Who?

July 5, 2009

Ready… Aim… Fire!!

Going out Sacred Cow shooting and looks like I may have just got one. Big one too! It is tagged “Contemporary Worship Music.” Metaphor aside, in church during worship the song “Beautiful One” was sung. We sing this one often and to my shame I’ve never really thought about it much. Also to my shame I tend to just sing along and follow the bouncing ball on the screen without much consideration as to the lyrics and/or theology involved with the song. Tonight was different though, I found myself not just singing along mindlessly letting the mood and melody take me away, but really putting deep thought into worship. (Does that make me a bad Charismatic?) As the song was sung I read ahead in the lyrics before I sang them to see if I actually COULD in a sense of worship to the Triune God. Turns out that the song “Beautiful One” flat out will not let me! Honestly, I don’t think it can even classify as a worship song!

Bold claim! Better back it up, huh? Let’s look at the Word and the words and I’ll explain.