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Bible Reading Plan (Day 139)

May 20, 2009

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE — Numbers 29, Psalm 73

Nu 29

The requirements for offerings continues. These are the holy day offerings. Note, as it was in the previous chapter the offerings are called to be “without blemish.” There are Christological implications with this. Jesus was the only sinless human. Not one sin in thought, word, or deed. Had he sinned, the offering would not have been accepted, but by the resurrection we have proof that the offering was truly acceptable.


Ps 73

What a familiar tone this one is. How often we see the rich, the evil, and scoffers of God living the good life. Just look at Joel Osteen! Not to mention Lil’ Wayne, Green Day, George Clooney, Paris Hilton, etc. They all have such a vast amount of money and stuff that it is hard not to covet their possessions. We spin our brains to try to understand how a just God could let people spit in his face and get blessed by it! (William Young, I’m looking at you.) It bothers the author of this psalm. Then… he goes to God’s sanctuary and it all makes sense. God has them in a place so that their foot shall slide in due time. The author then repents for having been so brash in his shortsightedness. He then states succintly that those who are apart from God are destined for death. Those who are near God have safety to tell of God’s wonders. For us Christians that means the Gospel!


Questions to Ponder:

*Not a question, but a good idea: Memorize Psalm 73:25-26


Bible Reading Plan (Day 138)

May 19, 2009


Nu 28

Closing in on the Promised Land and the new leader of the people of Israel established, YHWH gives further commands in regards to daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly offerings.


Ps 72

This Psalm is the prayer offered up as intercession for a righeous and good king. But the end of the Psalm shows praise for the TRUE King of Israel.


Questions to Ponder:

* In Numbers 28, what is the commonality that all of the offerings have? HINT: 2 words.

Bible Reading Plan (Day 134)

May 15, 2009

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR — Numbers 24, Psalms 66-67

Before I begin let me appologize for the gaps in the reading plan. It has been a busy week and my brother who normally helps me out is unable to do so. I’m still doing the reading if not able to post any notes and I hope you are in the Word as well. Also I’m back to doing the teaching role in Bible Study again so these notes will take a back seat to the work I have for study. So what I post here will more than likely be very short and more than likely not have questions to ponder. Notes (and audio perhpaps) from the Bible Study will be posted as normal.

Nu 24

Try as Balaam might, he cannot speak against God or Israel. Indeed he blesses them and curses the one who commissioned him!


Ps 66-67

In Psalm 66 David praises God from the other side of trials. He looks back and praises God that He listened to his prayer.

Psalm 67 is intentionally reminiscent of Numbers 6:22-27.


Bible Reading Plan (Day 132)

May 13, 2009

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO — Numbers 22, Psalms 62-63

Nu 22

As the story opens the King of Moab is wanting to ensure Israel is cursed by having a prophet do that for him. So he sees to it that Balaam is commissioned. When God confronts Balaam he is told not to go. When the price they are willing to pay is raised, Balaam goes. This makes God angry and so He sends an angel to kill him. The donkey sees the angel and won’t go anywhere near it. Balaam then beats the donkey and then the donkey speaks! Balaam’s eyes are opened and he sees the angel. The angel rebukes Balaam and he repents. Yet the angel tells him to go but only speak what he is told.

King Balak meets Balaam and Balaam says he shall only speak what God has commanded him to.

The next morning, Balaam sees just a part of the people of Israel and prepares to prophesy.


Ps 62-63

Psalm 62 shows David’s understanding of the evanescent nature of man and the omnipotent nature of God. This changes in Psalm 63 to praise for the Lord’s love and provision.


Questions to Ponder

Bible Reading Plan (Day 131)

May 12, 2009

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE — Numbers 21, Psalms 60-61

Nu 21

Miriam, dead. Moses, refused entry to the promised land. Edom’s got the block! Aaron dead. Though rescued from slavery it does not seem that the sun shines bright upon the people. When it gets worse and the King of Arad attacks and takes some prisoners Israel cries out saying, “Let us beat them and we will devote them to destruction!” YHWH allows it. Then the people get back to grumbling. The Lord gets back to judging. Moses gets back to interceding. Along the travels YHWH provides water spontaneously. There is no record of the people grumbling for it this time. The Lord then allows for two big victories.


Ps 60-61

The first Psalm is one where David cries out in worry during the middle of war. He recognizes that God is the strength of Israel and that if they loose, it is because God wills it so. David further recognizes that God does not abandon his people and will give them victory.

In the second Psalm we do not have the context as in the first, but we notice David calling out to God again as his salvation, comfort, and foundation.


Questions to Ponder:

* What NT verse (or verses) recalls Numbers 21:4-7? Explain.

Bible Reading Plan (Day 129)

May 10, 2009

DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE — Numbers 19, Psalms 56-57

Nu 19

The Lord gives instructions for a sin offering and the uncleanliness that results from the interaction with the offering. Dead bodies are unclean and one who touches a dead body becomes unclean as well. The tent where a person dies will cause those who enter it to be unclean. See that sin is the cause of death (to touch the sin offering or the ashes of will make a person unclean just as the sin was very unclean) death, therefore, is also unclean. Anyone who touches death is therefore unclean.


Ps 56-57

In the midst of fear David pens Psalm 56 proclaiming his trust and confidence in God. He does not fear man because he fears and honors God.

David, the rightful King of Israel, flees from Saul, the deposed/evil King of Israel, while recognizing the True King of Israel is the Lord God. Even in his distress and running for his life, the King realizes who the KING is.


Questions to Ponder:

* What is David’s promise to do in both these Psalms? Why is he giving this promise?

Bible Reading Plan (Day 127)

May 8, 2009

DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN — Numbers 16, Psalms 52-54

Nu 16

A rouge few Levites gather together 250 others and go to Moses in rebellion. God says he would be pleased to destroy the lot of the Israelites but Moses again intercedes. (Noting a pattern I hope.) God then enacts his just wrath upon the rebelious. BUT! The next day, even after all this, the people blame Moses for the death of the rebels. The people plan to attack Moses and Aaron, but YHWH sends a plague amongst the people and tells Moses and Aaron to be quick about getting an offering of insense going to atone for the people. They do. But 14,700 people die. In two days the people of Israel lose over 14,954 people. God was not kidding when he said he would bring judgement.


Ps 52-54

In Psalm 52 the author laughs at those who vehemently go against God while praising God for his salvation.

Psalm 53:1…. Nuff said. But seriously. Any of that sound familiar

Psalm 54 is a short prayer to the Lord for protection.


Questions to Ponder:

Bible Reading Plan (Day 126)

May 7, 2009

DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX — Numbers 15, Psalm 51

Nu 15

The Lord gives again the rules for sacrifices when the Israelites take the land. Then He gives the laws and sacrifices necessary to cover unintentional sins.

After this there is found a man who is breaking the Sabbath law. What must be done? Death. The reasoning for breaking the law never comes under consideration. Death.

The Lord then gives to people a statutory reminder for them to have a reminder of the law as a part of their daily clothing.


Ps 51

I’m going to let a REAL preacher take this one. Some of you have seen this before in Bible Study, but I’ll tell ya. This is one of my top 10 favorite modern sermons. Enjoy.


Questions to Ponder:

* Note the seriousness of the law when it comes to the Sabbath. Explain how a Christian should view the Sabbath.

* I recently saw WOLVERINE: ORIGINS (yeah… I know…) At the end, Wolverine is sitting in a bar drinking. The bartender says, “Drinking to forget?” Wolverine responds, “I’m drinking to remember.” Even Hollywood knows that our pasts our valuable. Take a moment to praise God for what He has rescued you from.

Bible Reading Plan (Day 123)

May 4, 2009


Nu 11

The people complain about… what? Their misfortunes. Really? Really. Apparently living before God Himself with visible signs of his presence and watching Him inflict 10 judgements upon the nation that kept them as slaves and made it possible for them to cross the middle of a sea on dry land. Yeah. God’s not happy at that slap in the face. So YHWH begins on the outside burning them up. The people cry out in fear and Moses intercedes so the fire dies down. But the people keep moaning for lack of meat. Moses bemoans being in charge of them.

God then has 70 elders chosen to aid Moses in his rule. Then He tells them, (paraphrase) “You want meat? You gonna get meat out the nose!” Then YHWH grants that the Spirit should be on the 70 elders and they prophesy for short while. Now Joshua notes two men in the camp who keep on going. He complains to Moses who wishes that all the people of Israel were like them.

After this a wind picks up and blows quail all around the camp! Tons of them! The people were so happy they ate the meat and lived happily ever after. Well… at least for a few minutes because as they were chewing the meat the Lord struck them with a plague.


Ps 48

This psalm is one of praise go God for building His city and letting His people dwell there.


Questions to Ponder:

* So you wanna go back to Egypt… Often times when we are saved we look back and find the things of slavery attractive, we remember the good feelings that sin provided. Use this story as a warning.

Bible Reading Plan (Day 122)

May 3, 2009

DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO — Numbers 10, Psalms 46 & 47

Nu 10

The Lord commands trumpets to be made as signal devices to the Israelites.

Two years after leaving Egypt, the people finally set out from Sinai. 


Ps 46, 47

A mighty fortress is our God! A bulwark never failing. Our helper he amidst the flood of mortal ills prevailing…. Oops. Sorry. But basically that’s what we have in Psalm 46. God is our strength, not us of ourselves.

From sons of a King come the call that GOD alone is King above all.


Questions to Ponder:

* What is the New Testament equivalent of the Ark going out 3 days before to find a resting place?