Just my two cents on the matter…


Recently a blog post went up here http://5ptsalt.com/2010/03/10/rappin-god/ it has cause a mild stir among some people I know. I’m not a scholar but I’d like to address the issues I’ve seen raised. Please understand, I am addressing the arguments and not the people themselves. I respect all parties involved and just hope to bring a bit of peace. God willing all my arguments will be Scriptural and logically sound.

DISCLAIMER: I do greatly enjoy the music of the performers and have benefited greatly from the ministries at Desiring God.

Let me start with the blog post itself.

5ptsalt makes a case in regards to Desiring God hosting the Hip Hop for Haiti concert.

“It caters to the flesh, and it is not worship.”
I agree with the last half of this statement. I do! Not so much the first as I understand the wording. Does it cater to the SINFUL flesh? I don’t think so. But it is (in my opinion) a valid form of entertainment! That last word is key ENTERTAINMENT.

“It promotes man, ‘talent’, modern relevance and Desiringgod.org should be ashamed.”
If by “promotes” the author means “exalts/elevates/worships” for the sake of just getting people in the doors as a pragmatic effort then I agree that is a bad thing. I highly doubt, however, that was DG’s or the performers’ intent. Talent, however should be encouraged. Good singers and writers and musicians should be encouraged to develop their skill to the glory of God. Just as God has common grace and special grace so man can use his skills for the common good (playing violin in the orchestra) or for the direct worship of God (playing violin as part of the musical worship in a church setting).

“They may say “It’s not about us” but make no mistake, it’s self-promotion.”
I don’t quite see that and would appreciate some elaboration.

“What of Chile and the victims there? No mention.”
The concert was held well before the earthquake in Chile. Also, in that regard the magnitude of devastation is far less. Indeed, a Christian ought to rightly be concerned for both. Yet where is more of the financial aid and the human aid needed most? I think Haiti. Where is the gospel needed most? EVERYWHERE!

“This video is an attempt to make the Gospel acceptable to the world, not demanding the world to repent. Pure entertainment. Acting like the world, and loving it.”
The question I think here is: Who is the intended audience?  Is this an evangelistic thing or a church thing? Let me illustrate. As a church there is a potluck for the members. There is no formal gospel presentation. That is not wrong. Suppose there is an open potluck for the community hosted by the church. There is no formal gospel presentation. That’s wrong. I honestly don’t think that’s what the concert was about, making the Gospel palatable. Was it entertainment? You betcha! Was it the debauched style of entertainment that entices one to sin or contains willful sin? Not as far as I can see. As far as acting like the world, MAYBE…. I can see where that idea comes from. So where do we draw the “in not of” line? Wherever it be let it be based in Scripture first and conscience second.

Hopefully that adequately addresses the issues in the blog.

I would hope the author go to www.reachrecords.com/lyrics and read the lyrics to some of the songs and read them with an open mind and open Bible. Examine the theology of the ministry and the lives of those men involved.


NOTE: This was written during my breaks at work. Please forgive any mistakes on the with grammar or speeling airers. ;0)



One Response to “Just my two cents on the matter…”

  1. Helen Says:

    This is very thoughtfully written. Thank you.

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