Joel Osteen lied…


Or he told a mistake. One of the two. Perhaps, “mislead his flock by not studying to show himself a workman approved by God” would be better. I mean, that’s not news to most of us who strive to understand what Scripture says, with a basic understanding of theology, etc. So… do you remember when Joel Smiley said thus?

Remember that? What a wise and discerning man he must be! After all, those tricky passages in the book of Acts are hard to understand.

So… aside from Scripture refuting Joel Smiley we also have this:

While turkey is indeed a leaner meat, turkey bacon isn’t made from 100 percent bird: One look at the ingredient list will show a long line of suspicious additives and extras that can’t possibly add anything of nutritional value. And finally, the sodium content of the turkey bacon is actually higher than what you’ll find in the kind that oinks–so if you’re worried about your blood pressure, opting for the original version is usually the smarter move.
EAT THIS, NOT THAT! 2010, pg. 21

So what level of obfuscation is Joel Smiley trying to pull? Or is it just plain ignorance?  Either way, I doubt there will be any repentance on his part for misinforming all those who follow him. He’s hurting their souls AND their arteries!


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