Witness Wednesday (Free Float Night at SONIC)


I’ll confess before I start that I did NOT plan tonight. A while back my friend and sister in Christ, Alisa, told me that SONIC would have a Free Root Beer Float Night. That went in one ear and out the other. Tonight someone at church mentioned it and said, “Don’t worry Berry. It starts at 8 and ends at midnight so you have plenty of time to get there.” So I thought… “Wow! Those are gonna be some long lines. Is it really worth it for a Root Beer Float?” Worship was about to start so I sat down and prayed and read a small section of Scripture… During worship it hit me… GO!

I stayed until 7:20 and then ran home to get tracts. (Yes. I left home without them. ARGH!) I only had 1 pack  of Presidential Millions and 2 pack of Millions at home so I hoped they would go, but I’d not run out. Driving back I had hoped that church would still be in so I could grab some people to join me. Sadly the people who I thought would were not there. One person I found was quite against the idea. Oh, well. Also, I called/texted my friends to see if they would be in. One was about to eat supper with their father, another busy with work, another had plans, and another (as always) did not answer phone or text. Looks like I’d be  flying solo.

Truth be told I was afraid. Ready to quit. Give a big fat “Nevermind!” to the whole deal. But no… If I quit. Someone dies and may go to hell. No… DON’T QUIT!

What follows is an abridged audio of the first Sonic on Sahara and Torrey Pines near church.

Free Root Beer Float Night (Sahara/Torrey Pines)

I find it not shocking that the only one to be adamantly AGAINST even taking a tract was a young lady FROM CHURCH! She would not even let someone in her car have one. Later that evening someone asked me why I thought she was so against the tracts and what I was doing. I said, “I dunno. I guess she wants people to go to hell.” It was a blessing, though, to have it be SO EASY to get all those tracts out. Also, the way the cars were it was quite a breeze to walk up to a window with a smile and just give the tracts to people who gladly took them. Encouragement from people from church helped too!

Next Sonic I went to was by the Palms. Even as I drove up I could see fewer people and fewer cars. Admittedly, it was discouraging. But I got some tracts out AND was encouraged by another Christian! My best bet was actually going car-to-car as they were parked in the… whaddya call em? Ports?… as they were eating or waiting to do so.  Here’s the audio:

Free Root Beer Float Night (across from Palms Hotel/Casino)

Next stop was the Sonic on Flamingo/Pecos. Because it is so late (and I’m getting further and further behind on my work for Bible Study) I’ll skip to the chase on this one.  I was GREATLY encouraged by not one Christian, not a group of Christians, but TWO GROUPS OF CHRISTIANS! Why do I feel a tinge of survival guilt after watching beloved brothers get heckled by false converts and/or hostile Christians. I did hand out A LOT of tracts at this Sonic and was blessed to have a one-on-two conversation. That’s what I have posted below.

Free Root Beer Float Night (Flamingo/Pecos)

For the full, unedited audios (plus other audios from Bible Study and other witnessing) go HERE!

Some may ask as to the effectiveness of what I did. They want numbers and stats. Well… I gave out 253 tracts. Each one of those has a clear gospel message. This does include those given to Christians who wanted to hand them out as well. That’s 253 people AT LEAST who heard (or will) the gospel. Frankly, that’s more than the average church on Sunday. Some of the people, it is possible, never would set foot in a church. 253 tracts got the message out. If out of those 253 tracts, ONE PERSON repents and trusts in Jesus for the salvation of sins it is worth it. I’ll even go so far as to say if NONE of them do, I did the duty of an unworthy slave. I can sleep tonight knowing I did what I could. God takes care of the rest.

NOTE: As of publishing I cannot figure out how to get the audio to post, but you can listen to the abridged 24 min audio HERE.


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    Hey, it’s the first Thursday. You coming tonite?

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