Sermon On The Mount Saturday


Sorry for the delay in this post, but I was hoping to have video to go with it. When I get it, I’ll post it.

Anyway, I was a proud participant in Sermon on the Mount Saturday. I went out with two others, ageman and Alisa. My idea of what we would do changed as I was just going with the flow. Hit several parks, one park in many places, etc.

We began at Desert Breeze Park. We met at 11am and I gave Alisa and ageman a quick Open Air 101 crash course. After that, we prayed.

The best place to start, it seemed, was the skate park. There were a few kids there and a couple adults supervising. In the center of the skate park sits a large planter with some palm trees and a nice wall (I guess you could say) around it. It is about 18 inches to two feet high. I asked if either ageman or Alisa wanted to go, they declined. So I went.

Getting elevated is still the hardest thing. It means you are then committed to doing what it is you are there to do. So I got up there, and read. I forgot how hard it was to keep a consistently loud voice. Despite my years of theatre back in high school I could not keep projecting well. I’m going to just chalk that up to being nervous.

I made it through with no heckling until the end when all the little sk8r kidz screamed, “FINALLY!”

Some listened, all heard. You can listen here!

After that we looked across the street. Still the same park… imagine that. There were several soccer games going on but no good place to actually read. Bummer.

However, we were getting hungry so we grabbed some lunch and figured out what to do next.

We went to another park (I cannot remember the name) near my dad’s house. There’s a small skate area there so I thought we may have similar luck. Sadly, no. Lots of people, but all of them engaged in various softball games. Only four sk8r kidz. We decided to pass out tracts and try for some 1-2-1 encounters. That didn’t go over so well. We got some tracts out but most people were too engrossed in the games to want anything to do with us and they made that known! Yet, as I said, we got some tracts out and did what we could without being tactlessly uncouth.

Was it a success? YES! Why? We did what EXACTLY what God would have had us to do. How do I know? Because it is what we did.  We don’t count people who pray a prayer. We preach the Gospel and let God do the work.


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One Response to “Sermon On The Mount Saturday”

  1. Saphah Says:

    “The open air speaker’s calling is arduous, as useful as it is laborious. God alone can sustain you in it, but with :I’m at your side you will have nothing to fear.” Spurgeon

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