John Piper Responds!


Interesting is the only word I can find. I’ve read MacArthur’s perspective. I understand it. I have heard Piper’s response.  I understand it. Where do I stand? (Like it matters.) I’m taking a middle ground. I think Driscoll should publically repent of doing a few things. By that I mean stand in the pulpit and appolgize for his lack of holiness in preaching and HSAT dust off and move on with more respect to the power of language. Abdicate the pulpit? Perhaps temporarily to wrestle with the Lord in the matters of the tongue.

Let me say. I am not perfect. I let drop words unbecoming of a Christian more often than I like in my personal life. I see the plank in my own eye and am praying and working for growth.

HSAT myself…

HERE is where the audio can be found.

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