Bible Reading Plan (Day 139)


DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE — Numbers 29, Psalm 73

Nu 29

The requirements for offerings continues. These are the holy day offerings. Note, as it was in the previous chapter the offerings are called to be “without blemish.” There are Christological implications with this. Jesus was the only sinless human. Not one sin in thought, word, or deed. Had he sinned, the offering would not have been accepted, but by the resurrection we have proof that the offering was truly acceptable.


Ps 73

What a familiar tone this one is. How often we see the rich, the evil, and scoffers of God living the good life. Just look at Joel Osteen! Not to mention Lil’ Wayne, Green Day, George Clooney, Paris Hilton, etc. They all have such a vast amount of money and stuff that it is hard not to covet their possessions. We spin our brains to try to understand how a just God could let people spit in his face and get blessed by it! (William Young, I’m looking at you.) It bothers the author of this psalm. Then… he goes to God’s sanctuary and it all makes sense. God has them in a place so that their foot shall slide in due time. The author then repents for having been so brash in his shortsightedness. He then states succintly that those who are apart from God are destined for death. Those who are near God have safety to tell of God’s wonders. For us Christians that means the Gospel!


Questions to Ponder:

*Not a question, but a good idea: Memorize Psalm 73:25-26


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