Bible Reading Plan (Day 134)


DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR — Numbers 24, Psalms 66-67

Before I begin let me appologize for the gaps in the reading plan. It has been a busy week and my brother who normally helps me out is unable to do so. I’m still doing the reading if not able to post any notes and I hope you are in the Word as well. Also I’m back to doing the teaching role in Bible Study again so these notes will take a back seat to the work I have for study. So what I post here will more than likely be very short and more than likely not have questions to ponder. Notes (and audio perhpaps) from the Bible Study will be posted as normal.

Nu 24

Try as Balaam might, he cannot speak against God or Israel. Indeed he blesses them and curses the one who commissioned him!


Ps 66-67

In Psalm 66 David praises God from the other side of trials. He looks back and praises God that He listened to his prayer.

Psalm 67 is intentionally reminiscent of Numbers 6:22-27.



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