Bible Reading Plan (Day 132)


DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO — Numbers 22, Psalms 62-63

Nu 22

As the story opens the King of Moab is wanting to ensure Israel is cursed by having a prophet do that for him. So he sees to it that Balaam is commissioned. When God confronts Balaam he is told not to go. When the price they are willing to pay is raised, Balaam goes. This makes God angry and so He sends an angel to kill him. The donkey sees the angel and won’t go anywhere near it. Balaam then beats the donkey and then the donkey speaks! Balaam’s eyes are opened and he sees the angel. The angel rebukes Balaam and he repents. Yet the angel tells him to go but only speak what he is told.

King Balak meets Balaam and Balaam says he shall only speak what God has commanded him to.

The next morning, Balaam sees just a part of the people of Israel and prepares to prophesy.


Ps 62-63

Psalm 62 shows David’s understanding of the evanescent nature of man and the omnipotent nature of God. This changes in Psalm 63 to praise for the Lord’s love and provision.


Questions to Ponder


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