Bible Reading Plan (Day 131)


DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE — Numbers 21, Psalms 60-61

Nu 21

Miriam, dead. Moses, refused entry to the promised land. Edom’s got the block! Aaron dead. Though rescued from slavery it does not seem that the sun shines bright upon the people. When it gets worse and the King of Arad attacks and takes some prisoners Israel cries out saying, “Let us beat them and we will devote them to destruction!” YHWH allows it. Then the people get back to grumbling. The Lord gets back to judging. Moses gets back to interceding. Along the travels YHWH provides water spontaneously. There is no record of the people grumbling for it this time. The Lord then allows for two big victories.


Ps 60-61

The first Psalm is one where David cries out in worry during the middle of war. He recognizes that God is the strength of Israel and that if they loose, it is because God wills it so. David further recognizes that God does not abandon his people and will give them victory.

In the second Psalm we do not have the context as in the first, but we notice David calling out to God again as his salvation, comfort, and foundation.


Questions to Ponder:

* What NT verse (or verses) recalls Numbers 21:4-7? Explain.


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