Bible Reading Plan (Day 129)


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE — Numbers 19, Psalms 56-57

Nu 19

The Lord gives instructions for a sin offering and the uncleanliness that results from the interaction with the offering. Dead bodies are unclean and one who touches a dead body becomes unclean as well. The tent where a person dies will cause those who enter it to be unclean. See that sin is the cause of death (to touch the sin offering or the ashes of will make a person unclean just as the sin was very unclean) death, therefore, is also unclean. Anyone who touches death is therefore unclean.


Ps 56-57

In the midst of fear David pens Psalm 56 proclaiming his trust and confidence in God. He does not fear man because he fears and honors God.

David, the rightful King of Israel, flees from Saul, the deposed/evil King of Israel, while recognizing the True King of Israel is the Lord God. Even in his distress and running for his life, the King realizes who the KING is.


Questions to Ponder:

* What is David’s promise to do in both these Psalms? Why is he giving this promise?


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