Bible Reading Plan (Day 127)


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN — Numbers 16, Psalms 52-54

Nu 16

A rouge few Levites gather together 250 others and go to Moses in rebellion. God says he would be pleased to destroy the lot of the Israelites but Moses again intercedes. (Noting a pattern I hope.) God then enacts his just wrath upon the rebelious. BUT! The next day, even after all this, the people blame Moses for the death of the rebels. The people plan to attack Moses and Aaron, but YHWH sends a plague amongst the people and tells Moses and Aaron to be quick about getting an offering of insense going to atone for the people. They do. But 14,700 people die. In two days the people of Israel lose over 14,954 people. God was not kidding when he said he would bring judgement.


Ps 52-54

In Psalm 52 the author laughs at those who vehemently go against God while praising God for his salvation.

Psalm 53:1…. Nuff said. But seriously. Any of that sound familiar

Psalm 54 is a short prayer to the Lord for protection.


Questions to Ponder:


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