Bible Reading Plan (Day 126)


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX — Numbers 15, Psalm 51

Nu 15

The Lord gives again the rules for sacrifices when the Israelites take the land. Then He gives the laws and sacrifices necessary to cover unintentional sins.

After this there is found a man who is breaking the Sabbath law. What must be done? Death. The reasoning for breaking the law never comes under consideration. Death.

The Lord then gives to people a statutory reminder for them to have a reminder of the law as a part of their daily clothing.


Ps 51

I’m going to let a REAL preacher take this one. Some of you have seen this before in Bible Study, but I’ll tell ya. This is one of my top 10 favorite modern sermons. Enjoy.


Questions to Ponder:

* Note the seriousness of the law when it comes to the Sabbath. Explain how a Christian should view the Sabbath.

* I recently saw WOLVERINE: ORIGINS (yeah… I know…) At the end, Wolverine is sitting in a bar drinking. The bartender says, “Drinking to forget?” Wolverine responds, “I’m drinking to remember.” Even Hollywood knows that our pasts our valuable. Take a moment to praise God for what He has rescued you from.


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