Bible Reading Plan (Day 125)


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE — Numbers 14, Psalm 50

Nu 14

What a people. I do not direct that at Israel alone. I direct that to all humanity. After so much God gives without promise, how much more should we expect WITH a promise? The people become so blinded by fear that they forget the promise of the immutable God! Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Caleb are mortified. They fall to their faces in fear of God and beg the people to consider what they are saying in light of God’s promise to them. The people then decide to stone Moses, but the glory of YHWH appears and stops them. He then says that he will make Moses the new patriarchal head.

Moses then begs YHWH to not do so because it could slight the name and glory of YHWH. He then begs YHWH to forgive.

YHWH then shows justice and mercy going hand in hand. In justice He vows that all the men 20 and older (saving Caleb and Joshua) would die out side of the promised land. In mercy he allows all the children to enter. Immediately, those spies who started the whole thing, were killed by a plague from YHWH leaving only Joshua and Caleb.

The people thinking they could do it on their own went to attack the land. They weren’t defeated. They were pwnd.


Ps 50

Every once in a while there comes along one of those parts of Scripture that are overtly relevant to the age in which we live. This is one of them. In this Psalm God promises judgement to those lukewarm people of Israel who wear the name JEW but live the lable GENTILE. 


Questions to Ponder:

* Go back over Exodus and list the ten times the people grumbled against God/Moses.

* Explain how this Psalm is relevant to the vast majority of the church today.


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