An Open Letter to Joel Osteen


Mr. Joel Osteen,

I will not waste your time, nor mine, with undeserved pleasantries.[1]

I hate your message. What you preach is not the gospel found in holy scripture[2]. What you preach is a different gospel which is no gospel. It is man-pleasing at its best and heretical and blasphemous at its worst.[3] Those who follow you will find themselves hearing the saddest words ever spoken on the Great Day, “Depart from me. I never knew you.”[4] Even worse, those who would hear such a false gospel and one day fall away from it will then be in worse state than ever and it would be better had they never entertained your idea of “salvation.”[5]

I am shocked and appalled that you, who call yourself a pastor, would take pride in hardly using Scripture. Further, I am down-right livid you would place your “Notes of Encouragement” alongside Scripture. It is obvious by your preaching[6] that you do not understand the Scriptures[7]. The fact that you jokingly ask your congregation not to be rebellious while violating Scripture[8] is not just sad, but damning[9].

You claim to give people hope, but the hope you give is no hope at all. The hope you give makes this world just a better place to go to Hell from. It is a hope which you will gladly give to anyone, but the hope is devoid of the resurrected Jesus which is true hope.[10]

Let me ask you, would any one die for what you are preaching? Would the Christians in North Korea, China, India, and the Middle East be martyred so that others can live their best life now? No sir. They would not. At no point in Christian history has any martyr gone to glory cheering how he or she had become a better them and loved their life. No sir. They despised even the garment stained by flesh.[11]

I close with this as I can no longer bear to examine the damnable heresy you preach: Repent! You, who call yourself a pastor, face strict judgement[12]. You have taken the birthright that is the gospel and traded it for the porridge of worldly self-esteem, self-help, and works-righteousness. Because of that God hates you.[13] Your false teaching of wealth and the best to Christians is false teaching and explicitly warned about in Scripture.[14] Repent of your damnable, heretical false doctrine before your heart becomes like that of Pharaoh, hard and impenitent[15]. Today you have heard (through Scripture) the voice of God. Do not harden your heart![16] Believe in the only Gospel that can save! Preach the only Gospel that can save!

His Unworthy Slave,
Berry Davis 


[1] 2 John 10-11
[2] 1 Corinthians 15:1-8
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[4] 2 Peter 2:20-21
[5] Matthew 7:21-23
[6] YouTube Video of Osteen preaching
[7] Acts 10:9-16, Acts 15:22-29
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[14] 1 Timothy 6:3-10
[15] See Exodus 4-14
[16] Psalm 95:6-9 


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