Bible Reading Plan (Day 123)



Nu 11

The people complain about… what? Their misfortunes. Really? Really. Apparently living before God Himself with visible signs of his presence and watching Him inflict 10 judgements upon the nation that kept them as slaves and made it possible for them to cross the middle of a sea on dry land. Yeah. God’s not happy at that slap in the face. So YHWH begins on the outside burning them up. The people cry out in fear and Moses intercedes so the fire dies down. But the people keep moaning for lack of meat. Moses bemoans being in charge of them.

God then has 70 elders chosen to aid Moses in his rule. Then He tells them, (paraphrase) “You want meat? You gonna get meat out the nose!” Then YHWH grants that the Spirit should be on the 70 elders and they prophesy for short while. Now Joshua notes two men in the camp who keep on going. He complains to Moses who wishes that all the people of Israel were like them.

After this a wind picks up and blows quail all around the camp! Tons of them! The people were so happy they ate the meat and lived happily ever after. Well… at least for a few minutes because as they were chewing the meat the Lord struck them with a plague.


Ps 48

This psalm is one of praise go God for building His city and letting His people dwell there.


Questions to Ponder:

* So you wanna go back to Egypt… Often times when we are saved we look back and find the things of slavery attractive, we remember the good feelings that sin provided. Use this story as a warning.


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