Bible Reading Plan (Day 121)


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE — Numbers 9, Psalm 45

Nu 9

Even as they were going through the desert they are to celebrate the Passover in the prescribed manner. Interestingly enough, even though one is not totally clean (touching a dead body) or if 0n a long journey they still are obligated to celebrate. Indeed, if someone without even such a seeming excuse (which is no excuse at all) must celebrate the Passover or be exiled.

YHWH sending a pillar of cloud during the day and pillar of fire at night as a sign of His presence. The people of Israel are not allowed to move unless HE moves them. 


Ps 45

I suppose this could be a Love Song for a Saviour. But note! This isn’t sappy. This isn’t something where you could replace “Jesus” with “Baby” and turn it into a secular love song. This is very clear a song of love (not sexual love, but pure devotion) to the Savior God.


Questions to Ponder:

* In regards to Psalm 45: Not to smash meaning into it that was not intended, yet which verses address the church? the Lord (Jesus)?


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