Bible Reading Plan (Day 120)


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY — Numbers 8, Psalm 44

Nu 8

Once Moses goes in to the Tent he is given instructions in regards to the Levites, to cleanse them. The Lord also puts a mandatory retirement age on the Levites. Note, they do not go out on a 40′ trawler collecting shells when they are through. The older men stick around. They minister to their brothers by keeping guard. Imagine though what wisdom these men would have and be thus sought after.


Ps 44

How appropriate this psalm beings with the authors saying, “[O]ur fathers have told us, what deeds you performed in their days….” The older generations are the ones with the responsibility to carry on the testimony of God’s actions throughout history. Then the authors glorify God that it is through HIM that their victories come. But the Psalm gets dark quick. Why do the fathers have to tell? The victories have ended and only defeat remains. The authors cry out in deep humility and beg for God to come to the rescue once again. Not for their own sake, but for God’s sake.


Questions to Ponder:

* How does the Numbers 8 view of what retirement is compare to our modern view. Explain the way one’s modern retirement should be structured.


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