Witness Wednesday #1


Today is the first of what I’m gonna steal from Todd Friel and Wretched Radio call Witness Wednesday. God willing I’ll be able to do this weekly if not more often.

Today I went with my brother ageman to start checking out some fishin’ holes. I wanted to try something a little further away from home so I would not get busted by anyone I knew. Also it was a place where I was less likely to bump into anyone again in the community. Half an hour away. Good ’nuff.

First we checked out the Henderson Campus of CSN. Not really good for fishin’ no courtyard or place where people gather. Not good for OA. It seemed that if people weren’t in class they were speed-walking to their cars with phones attached to ear or headphones firmly jammed in. Not good for 1-2-1.

After walking about that campus (not that big) we went over to the HS across the street. We timed it so school would just be getting out and indeed we found a good place to post with decent foot traffic. HOWEVER! We went to a rich school where most of the kiddies had cars. Where we stood we were able to hand several kids gospel tracts. (Obama Million Dollar Bills mostly). We were blessed not to experience any big resistance. Some little rich kids snubbed us in VERY stereotypical fashion. I’m SOOO heartbroken. Alright… I have more of a heart for the hood than I do for the ‘burbs so I guess I’m a bit biased on this one.

Here’s a question for you, dear reader, do you think I should focus on hood if that’s where “my heart is” or shall I focus on the ‘burbs since I have a bit of a prejudice there? Or both?

The only part where I got a bit worried was when one school administrator opened the gate to the parking lot to let out the buses while some CCSD Police stood by. ageman and I pocketed our tracts and looked like we were waiting (which we were) since we wanted to avoid any conflict. Yes, we were on public sidewalk, but I didn’t really feel like any confrontations with the law.

After about 15mins the throng of kids had dissipated. Seemed like longer! So we went off to do a little bit more….

I must confess, this was my favourite part of the day. We went to Wal-Mart and put tracts in the heretical books of Joel and Victoria Osteen and the rank, undiluted heresy of The Shack.  After that we had some L&L Hawaiian BBQ and then went to Family Christian Bookstore and did the same there. Also had the chance to put some tracts in the abomination called HOPE FOR TODAY BIBLE. I have never had such conflicting feelings while holding a book. The words and the bulk of it was Scripture, but mingled in there was twisting of the most rank and vile and damning kind written by the Osteens. Regardless, if I would have lost my lunch I would have aimed right straight at those books. Ugh.


Anyway… we ended by going to church at Faith Christian Fellowship which is in the area. THAT was a blessing to enjoy solid, Biblical teaching and good fellowship.

So, dear reader, stay tuned for the NEXT Witness Wednesday!!! I have a different fishin’ hole I’m eyeing, different demographic, more people… Your prayers requested!


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One Response to “Witness Wednesday #1”

  1. Richie Says:

    you should do both the places. That way you grow in knowledge when it comes to how to deal with people from either sides. You could gain a great deal of wisdom and people can ask you for advice.

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