Bible Reading Plan (Day 115)


DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN — Numbers 3, Psalm 37

Nu 3

With the other tribes scattered about around the Tent of Meeting, the Levites now get their marching orders. The different clans of the Levites are in charge of different parts of the Tent of Meeting, for their care and guard. Since each firstborn was to be dedicated to service of the Lord, but only the Levites could do so and would serve in the place of the firstborn, and there were fewer Levites than firstborns, God prescribed this cash manner of redemption.


Ps 37

The words of this Psalm ought to bring us comfort in this day when it seems some people without any moral compass are making off with millions while Joe Average and his family struggle to pay basic bills. This Psalm provides us with encouragement to keep going in tough times. It also (MOST importantly) presents the concept that salvation comes from the Lord! In every place it speaks of that it is clear. There is no way it could be viewed that we earn salvation in any way.


Questions to Ponder:


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