Bible Reading Plan (Day 113)


DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN — Numbers 1, Psalm 35

Nu 1

So… the Law given, the people now set out for the promised land. Before they do the Lord orders the people be counted. Men over the age of 20? 603,550. That does not count women and children. With a wild guess that’s probably over a million people. BUT! As we shall see, out of those million, what of those actually belong to God?


Ps 35

This Psalm is imprecatory. We see David not asking for his enemies to be forgiven and loved, but for revenge! Note who David prays will avenge! David does not ask that he get vengeance for himself or that his friends will avenge him, but that GOD would be just in avenging him and from that God would get glory.


Questions to Ponder:

*How does Psalm 35 reconcile with the concept Jesus gives in Matthew 5:43-48?


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