Bible Reading Plan (Day 112)


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWELVE — Leviticus 27, Psalm 34

Lev 27

I’ll be honest (as I strive to be always) I don’t get this clearly. Probably some lingering sickness and tiredness. Spirit, willing. Body, weak. From what I gather (with some help from the notes in my study bibles) these laws are in regard to setting apart people or livestock for service to the temple and the cost to remove them from such service.


Ps 34

This Psalm is one of joy for God’s rescue against the wicked. The Psalm provides comfort in knowing that while both righteous and wicked go through affliction, the wicked will be crushed under it, but the righeous will be upheld by God! This Psalm is filled with calls for repentance and trust.


Questions to Ponder:

* This economy is causing a LOT of affliction! Some of it is on the righteous and some on the unrighteous. Note the responses the two different groups are having.


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