Bible Reading Plan (Day 110)


DAY ONE HUNDRED TEN — Leviticus 25, Psalms 32

Lev 25

Ok I am still trying to figure out the whole jubilee thing but we’ll get to that later. Thus says the LORD about the seventh year, to be a Sabbath rest for the land on which the Israelites will settle.

Forgive me but I am the biggest knuckle head, and I’m still trying to figure out verse 8. I’m just puzzled because of the wording.

Ok so the year of Jubilee, that would be the 50th year that in the Jewish community, slaves and servants would be freed, lands were to be restored to the owners or the heir of it, the fields were to be left untouched, the work that had to with agriculture were to be suspended, and so on.

Then the LORD gives commands as to how to treat a brother if he were to be poor. He also gives a few commands about slaves and those who either sold themselves or were sold. A poor man could be redeemed if he was sold or sold himself to someone by a brother, an uncle or other family member. If the person who was poor became rich than they can redeem themselves. And there’s also the year of Jubilee for that person to be restored.


Psalm 32

I think the title says it all. Blessed Are The Forgiven. There’s no forgiveness like the forgiveness of God. We were born with sin and will die with this same nature. But to those that trust in the Lord find forgiveness in His Son. We should acknowledge our sins and confess them to the Lord and by HIs grace we will be delivered, forgiven, washed clean.


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