Ambassador’s Academy #9 (Part 3)



The sun shines bright and warm in Southern California. The sidewalk on Hollywood Blvd did nothing but reflect the sun back up to us. So after five hours of that we all had a fair amount of vitamin D coursing through our veins. We also had something else, a boldness, a courage, and a love for the lost. We’d seen countenances changes, we’d seen and heard the derision of the enemy’s foot-soldiers. Many were hungry having forgotten to eat. But they echoed by their actions the words of Christ, “I have food to eat that you do not know about.”
Glendale (Brand Blvd.)
We arrived at Brand with orders to get off the bus and go eat. In N Out was across the street and that being my missions food, I went there. First stop though, was the Rite Aid on the corner to get some drugs for my throat. Did it help? Kind of, but I was blessed to hand some throat drops out to some brothers and sisters who needed them.
After a wonderful supper we met with Tony to hear the rules. In side the out door mall (if that makes any sense) handing out tracts is not allowed. At the Americana which was a stones throw away, there was no handing out tracts. Yet he said everything else was public sidewalk and to go for it. There were a few stations of OA and stoplight. Otherwise we were off handing out tracts and doing 1-2-1.
I started off stoplight preaching with some members of my group. Frankly, my voice was pretty well shot by that time, but we had amplification permits! Woo-hoo! Though I did not see many people I learned quickly that just being able to see someone does not count. Someone may be hearing you.
After doing that I walked around a bit and saw a young man reading a gospel tract. I walked up to him and tried to talk to him. Not sure how it went. I was nervous and think it showed. Went through the Law and Gospel…. and I dunno Larry… I threw out the seed.
Then, I partnered up with a brother, Kevin, who seems to have a real gift for the 1-2-1 aspect of evangelism. I noticed that some people are just more suited to some things than others. Some people did not have a voice that could carry for an OA. Some could not get the timing right for the stoplight preaching. But when it came to 1-2-1 and handing out tracts. They could not be beat. Others were dynamo on the box, but were awkward handing out tracts or 1-2-1. However, I will say this, no matter what ones gifting or talent or skill was, the gospel was presented either on paper or by voice. Back to the story. We wound up talking to one teenager who was of the squirrely silly type. Looked like one of those rich young thugs. About as actually dangerous as pillow-fight. Kevin took him the two buddies who where with them (Job’s friends) through the Law. What I was seeing left me speechless except for prayer… and praise. Little Mister ADHD went from laughing, giggling, and witty to downright staring slack-jawed into Kevin’s eyes. His pals around him goofing off and he shushing them. There are some things beyond the human ability to describe and I think that was one of them. It was like watching a baby being born. I’m not popishly pronouncing him saved, but what I saw still gets me teary eyed and with chills. Before I left (as you may recall from yesterday) I was told to re-evaluate the methods. To pray about it. (That’s polite Christian lingo for yelling at someone that they are wrong and you are too chicken to say it outright.) What I saw validated what we do. It isn’t about results, it is about doing it Biblically! It was done Biblically and it worked. We did not lead him in the “Sinner’s Prayer” because that is just trash and not what any sinner would actually need to pray. Kevin asked, “So what needs to happen for someone to be saved.” The young man said, “I need to be born again.” Kevin said, “What happens then?” He said, “I repent and put my trust in Jesus.” Kevin poked further, “What does that mean?” Then the young man replied, “I don’t do bad things anymore and want to do good things.” Kevin then asked if he had a Bible. The young man hung his head sadly as if the salvation he longed for was just taken from him. “Here!” Kevin reached in his backpack and pulled out his small pocket Bible. The young man looked up eyes big and seemingly near tears, “NO! I can’t! This is yours!” Kevin said, “Take it! It is yours now. Read it and it will guide you.”  I bookmarked the Gospel of John with another tract for the young man. We left. Pray for him!!
We kept handing out tracts and walking around later we crossed over into the Americana in a step of boldness. We can’t hand out tracts but we could talk to people. Right? Okay… we gave out a couple and talked to three young men on the patio of a chain coffee shop. (Not Starbucks). We spoke to them of the Law and watched a similar thing happen with them. They asked good, intelligent questions. ATTENTION YOUTH PASTORS: THEY AREN’T DUMB! THEY CAN GET IT! PREACH THE WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD! We were able to respond to their questions and point them to the Bible. Time began to run down they seemed to be convicted but the thought of Hell did not concern them. I was blessed (if you can say that) to expound on the experience of hell as explained in the Bible. It seemed to get through. With exactly two minutes ago to get back to the rendezvous point we took some time to give them the gospel. The understood. We left. Pray for Joe, Miguel, and Robert.
We gathered back to the rendevouz point and managed to listen to Tony do some OA himself. After that we broke to go back to get on the bus and head to the hotel. But FIRST!! One of the lady mentors was engaged in a small group discussion with a small group of young men. They looked a little tough but no safety alarms were going off. They were enjoying the convo which she had to rush through. They heard the law and the gospel and wound up getting a 20 dollar demonstration of grace since they could not pass the Good Person Test.
I think we were almost to psyched up to sleep. I know I was. I wanted to keep going. I didn’t want to sleep! This was way to amazing! Yet the moment my head hit the pillow, it was all over. I was out for the count. Good thing too… Tomorrow would bring something I didn’t plan on. Good thing God is in control.
Sorry… no photos from Glendale. But don’t worry. There will be photos and a youtube video for Part 4.

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