Ambassador’s Academy #9 (Part 1)


Well… It has indeed been an exciting time. The entire experience was a blessing and I met a whole new family. I’m sad to say I didn’t take that many pictures but I was busy doing some other important things. You know… witnessing, handing out tracts, even spending some time on a box. I’ll post my experiences in two parts… Here’s Part 1








Having come off a rather mixed missions trip to Mexico I found myself wondering if it was too late to cancel going to Ambassador’s Academy. Considering there was but a week between the two, common sense dictated I just go. Make the 4 hour drive across the Mojave from Vegas and get it over with!

I was blessed to be able to have breakfast with my brother Luis before I left and see another brother rather briefly there too. Then, it was gas up and go.

I spent the ride listening to Al Mohler and Wretched Radio wondering what would happen. It was all kind of a dream. I thought of who I was 10 years ago while I was graduating HS. I could not believe that I would be that guy. Amazing what God can do.

I arrived at the hotel at 230. Plenty early thanks to God and light traffic. Checked in and wound up bumping into some brothers right away. If salvation weren’t enough, you get a worldwide family.

We began with Tony Miano giving us the run down and being very clear that if we were here for theological debates, preacher-worship, or for any reason OTHER than learning how to evangelize and going out to preach the good news to all creation, we weren’t getting on his bus.  We all knew why we were there. Some were alone in their communities and families, still others faced opposition from elders and pastors. All were undergoing some kind of battle designed to keep them from coming. Yet there we sat, 50 students, called by God through His Word and Providence. We went to bed and readied ourselves for a day of classes to ready us for two days of front-line battle.

When the wake-up call came I rolled out of bed. It was a great sleep in a very nice hotel room. Happily, we spent very little time in the room. It was time for 8 hours of classes.

BUT FIRST! Breakfast. Breakfast each morning came courtesy of the hotel and was not half bad. Good eggs, potatoes, and waffles. No SUNRISE, but good. We all enjoyed some fellowship and began forming those earthly relationships that will continue in the eternal realm.

We gathered into the little conference room at the hotel and began our sessions. Before we began, we were warned by Tony Miano of “Tony Time.” It is the exact opposite of Deaf Time. If you weren’t in your seat two minutes before start time you were gonna miss something.

First up was EZ talking about the Two Greatest Commandments. You can get that message at Living Waters! This message gave me a good heart check to see what it is that drives our evangelism.

The next talk was a two-parter from Stuart Scott as a How-To on Open Air.

After that Kirk Cameron somehow managed to condense his 6 hour long DEPPER message down to a little over an hour. He spoke on the use of appologetics in the witness encounter.

We then all went to lunch. A majority of us (it seems) went to a little Hawaiian teryaki place right across the street from the hotel.

Back at the hotel promptly and on Tony Time we had three more sessions.

Mark Spence talked about doing one-to-one and conversations in evangelism and gave some great ideas for handing out tracts. I was delighted to hear him scold Christians in general for either just leaving a tract for a tip or for leaving a skimpy tip with a tract. Amen, sir. Christians, let’s tip big and with grace!

After that we had a delightful Q&A Session.

Then… drum roll… Tony Miano himself giving us what has to be the most important for us Ambassadors. “Don’t Quit!” This message is also available from Living Waters.

After the tears we had over that message it was supper time. Several of us went to Chili’s across the parking lot.

We returned to the same room for some worship and some a message by Ray Comfort. This man is truly a joy to be around. His whole “vibe” is two things: love for the lost, and the joy of the Lord.

After Ray’s message we all go to say “G’day” to the man who has influenced us so much. After that, we prayed and had some fellowship.

A few people from teams 3 and 4 (I was on team 4) went out side and did some dry runs of “stoplight preaching.” Stoplight Preaching is when you stand and a crosswalk, wait for a few pedestrians to gather and then let loose on the law and gospel with only about 90 seconds to get it all out. We took turns and encouraged one another as our leaders (Mark and Bret) gave us pointers.

Then, bed time. Tomorrow we would be up VERY early for a LONG day. To be honest, the time flew, but so much happened.

Now: for the photos!

Found in a bookcase at the hotel.

Found in a bookcase at the hotel.

The vinyl banner for the Academy.

The vinyl banner for the Academy.

Kiwi and Nut?

Kiwi and Nut?Yes... I asked him to sign my OA Pocket Guide....


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One Response to “Ambassador’s Academy #9 (Part 1)”

  1. Lilly Says:

    I am so jealous of your photo with Ray Comfort! And you were in the same room as Kirk Cameron *gasp!* lol
    joking aside, I’m really glad you got this blessing. Maybe by the time I’m done reading part 2 I’ll be convinced to go next year.

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