Bible Reading Plan (Day 107)


DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVEN — Leviticus 22, Psalms 28, 29

Lev 22

This chapter continues with some more laws for the descendants of Aaron. So thus says the LORD to the descendants of Aaron, if they are to approach the holy things dedicated to the LORD while they are unclean in any way, they  will be cut off from His presence. If they don’t keep this charge they profane the name of the LORD, therefore sinning and they will die because of it.

I am not sure what a lay person is but I assume, and it seems to be a foreign person. Such person will not eat anything holy unless they were a slave to a priest. If the daughter of the Aaronites (that’s right, Aaronites…) were to get married to a layman, that daughter cannot eat from the holy things. If daughter ain’t married for any reason and returns to her father she can eat the holy things. I think we should stop in-whatever-doing we’re doing and thank the Lord because things like these are hard to keep!

If anyone eats or takes anything holy that person must put it back and add to it a fifth of its value to it; lest they profane the LORD and have guilt upon them.

In this chapter, on the part of the offerings, I just noticed that God still wanted perfection. I knew He did and does require perfection [to appease Him] but with the offerings, for the chosen people, I noticed that a perfect animal without a blemish was needed. Maybe I’m late on this or probably forgotten, but hey I learn things everyday… From His Word 🙂

No animal for offering that had a blemish or defect of any kind was accepted. And if a new born animal was to be used as a sacrifice, that animal was to stay with its mom until the eighth day. When a sacrifice was made, remember that none of it was be left the next morning.

Therefore they all had to keep every one of the commandments, do them and not profane the LORD’s name so that He will be sanctified among the Israelites. Once again, really hard things to keep. But we now don’t have to anymore, we don’t cheer about that so much as to the reason for why we don’t have to. The reason would be the God-Man, Jesus Christ the Lord. He did all the work for us on the cross by dying for us sinners. Our sin was put on Him, therefore He paid the price with His death. He resurrected on the third day defeating death and destroying sin. He IS the perfect sacrifice and our only propitiator. And forgiveness is offered to all of those who would repent (turn away) from sin and have faith in Christ, the only mediator between God and man.


Psalms 28,29

Psalm 28: David on this Psalm, we read very clearly that a faith in God is salvation. I should say that to those who are wicked they are going to get what they deserve. Frankly, we all deserve His punishment. But to those who cry out to Him in repentance and put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, they are saved.

Psalm 29: The LORD is not puny like all the media and most people think. This Psalm assures us of it. His attributes, those we don’t have, are beyond what we can bear. I mean His voice alone has created the whole creation and with it can destroy it! He is sovereign and mighty. We have been created to “ascribe to the LORD the glory due His name; worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness.”


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