Bible Reading Plan (Day 105)


DAY ONE HUNDRED FIVE — Leviticus 20, Psalms 25

Lev 20

Leviticus chapter 20, in it’s first paragraphs, is obvious that God talks about giving :). That’s right, if you were to give (back then [talking about the Israelites]) your child as a sacrifice to an idol, you would be stoned to death. If the people who were supposed to kill the person that gave the child as a sacrifice didn’t killed said person, then they were cut off from the people. Sacrificing a child to an idol (or Molech), that would profane the LORD’s holy name. It is the same with our sin to this day. It profanes the name of God and we commit a crime against a holy and righteous God.

If a person went to whore after mediums and necromancers, God would be against them and they would’ve been cut off from among the people. If God who gives the rules the people should go, “We will follow your statues LORD!” But did they? Well, God repeatedly tells them, “I am the LORD your God.” We know that the Israelites were a stiff-necked people but God told them to consecrate themselves and be holy because they were His people and He sanctified them.  Oh and cursing your mother or father was worthy of death!

Next verses: to sum it all up (or at least to try): if you had sex with anyone or anything else outside of your covenant relationship with your spouse, you’re dead. Pretty much. And homosexuality is a sin and abomination to God.

Last verses: The Israelites shall be holy because they were God chosen people. God took them out of Egypt and He gave the land to them but of the things that the other nations did, He detested. Why? Because it wasn’t godly nor was it for the true God. So therefore God separated them from the peoples. In the same sense the Israelites were to separate clean things from unclean things. And to top it all of: Mediums, necromancers (magicians etc.), were to be stoned to death.


Psalm 25

I will say it again. Psalms, to me, is hard! Anyway. This a prayer to the LORD basically to be in the right with Him. To be right with Him because of our sinful nature that only God can forgive and atone for. To be taught His ways and the way of salvation. And clearly if we humble ourselves like David there, He will save us, forgive us, exult us (though we don’t deserve it).


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