Bible Reading Plan (Day 104)


DAY ONE HUNDRED FOUR — Leviticus 19, Psalms 23-24

Lev 19

This chapter opens with a classic line repeated in the NT. HOLINESS! It is so imperative despite the cultural trends of the Church being painted to look like the world. In these four verses we see “I [am] YHWH your God!” is repeated three times. Holiness means YHWH is your God. Holiness means respect for parents. Holiness means respect for the Sabbath (I’ll save the debate on what that means in a New Testament context for below). Holiness means keeping oneself from idols. Also, holiness means a right sacrifice for peace with God.

Next we see social welfare according to God. All things must be worked for. We also see some expansion upon the Decalogue. Verse 17 sound like anything?

Next come some various other laws.


Ps 23-24

Psalm 23. I would dare say most of us have this at least partly memorized.  On these 6 verses so many books have been written and sermons have been preached. That is wonderful. On the sad side, this Psalm has become a cultural cliche. It is emblazoned upon greeting cards, refrigerator magnets, posters, calenders, T-shirts, handbags, bible covers, flashlights, pocket knives, tins of mints… I do not know where the lines are drawn in beloved verse, over exposure, cliche, and blasphemous handling of God’s Word, but I do know this: anytime a Bible verse is on a sale rack or in a clearance bin, anytime a Bible verse is ripped out of it’s context and used as a selling point, the lines have all been crossed and one is dancing to the music of a blasphemous consumerism.

Psalm 23 shows God’s sovereign leadership. It shows how loving and gentle he is to those who are his. It shows that God will not keep one from any kind of trial or tribulation to live a Best Life Now, but gives promise to comfort in God’s strength and rule. It shows that those who are proudly against God and His people will be humbled as God Himself serves and blesses His people.

Psalm 24 begins with God’s creator right upon all the world. What comes next? A blatant question that points directly to Jesus as does the rest of this Psalm. WHO CAN BE AS HOLY AS GOD!? Only God can be that holy, holy, holy.

Psalm 22, 23, and 24 form a great little triad of Christology. No doubt these Psalms are worth our time to burn into our minds and hearts.


Questions to Ponder:

* What verse in the New Testament summarizes chapter 19 of Leviticus?

* Should a Christian observe the Sabbath? Explain.


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