Bible Reading Plan (Day 103)


DAY ONE HUNDRED THREE — Leviticus 18, Psalm 22

Lev 18

We get into the moral law when it comes to sexuality. God does not mince words here as human sexuality in its pure form is a wonderful and beautiful thing. The pagan nations which Israel is about to overtake practice these things in some form or another. Many people who have been saved out of pornography or some other sexual perversion will find the thing the once loved they now hate in accordance with God’s moral precepts. Incest is forbidden, sexual intercourse during a woman’s period is forbidden, child sacrifice is forbidden, homosexuality is forbidden, bestiality is forbidden.


Ps 22

This Psalm should still be on the forefront of our minds considering the Holy Days we have just been blessed with celebrating. Upon the cross, Jesus quotes this psalm. The parallels in the psalm and the crucifixion narrative are staggering. This psalm shows us the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the suffering of Jesus.


Questions to Ponder:

* How is sexuality treated in the text of Leviticus 18? Specifically, how the commands are phrased.

* Explain what this Psalm says about how the Father viewed His Son upon the cross.


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