Bible Reading Plan (Day 102)


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWO — Leviticus 17, Psalms 20-21

Lev 17

Uh-oh… I don’t think we have encountered this yet. (Forgive me… it is a busy few weeks and though the spirit is willing, the body is weak.) This could be the first instance of the Lord using that word “whore” to describe the people of Israel.

I’m going to go off on a tangent real quick. Just because a person is from the house of Israel, is in the nation of Israel does not grant salvation. God does not have whores as children. He has a pure, spotless bride. His bride has eyes for Him alone. The heart of His bride is for Him alone. The same principle is true for the Chruch. (I do not mean the Lutheran Church, the Methodist Church, the Foursquare Chruch, and I most certainly do not mean the Roman Catholic Church!) There are people who call themselves Christians, who claim membership in a church or denomination but by spending a 24 hour period with such a person you would see no difference between them and anyone else. They watch the things the world watches on television, they listen to the things the world listens to on radio, they enjoy the things the world enjoys, they do not pray, the do not read the Bible, they do not enjoy the things of God. (Works do not save, but they are the proof of such a salvation.) These are the people God calls “whores.” They run to the latest fashion and trend and cling to it over God. Worse, they take those things of the world and put on a thin veneer of God’s Word in an attempt to make those things look like holiness and godliness. Indeed these people are whores.

HSAT, back to the text directly: The Lord says that the animal (ox, goat, or lamb) is to be killed and taken directly to the tent of meeting do not pass GO do not collect 200 shekels. not taken to the tent of meeting as an offering then blood-guilt is imputed to that person. The sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross took place outside the city walls. The sacrifice of Jesus was that of the ox, goat, and lamb all put together (the atonement [propitiation], the cleansing [expiation], and the Passover). The blood of Jesus then, by ceremonial law ought to have been  thrown on the altar and his fat burned. Since this did not happen those people who are guilty of his death have blood-guilt imputed to them! Yes, if one is under Law. If one does not see. With the veil torn we see this. Jesus IS the altar. Jesus IS the priest. Jesus IS the sacrifice. The blood of the sacrifice (the blood of Jesus) is brought by the priest (Jesus who is our priest. He gave his life willingly therefore he can bring the blood willingly) to the altar (Jesus). Rather than blood-guilt being imputed to us we have righteousness imputed to us! But what of the fat being burned? Fat is that left over fuel the animal body stores for energy. Often times it can contain toxins. Now, the sacrifice of Christ was a once for all sacrifice. All the sins of God’s elect (past, present, and future) are taken care of. Yet we still have our works (remember the verse earlier) which we do in Christ. Those works are the fat. They will be placed in fire and judged.


Ps 20-21

(Pardon my brevity but the lateness of the hour and the time I spent in the previous section calls for such.)

Psalm 20 is a blessing on those in hard times and an encouragement. The Lord saves his anointed, the Lord will answer!

Psalm 21 is praise to God for a godly ruler and blessings for such.


Questions to Ponder:

*Why would the Lord not allow blood to be eaten?


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