Bible Reading Plan (Day 101)


DAY ONE HUNDRED ONE — Leviticus 16, Psalm 19

Lev 16

I find it providential we come to discuss the Day of Atonement on Resurrection Sunday. My friends, the blood of bulls and goats is no longer necessary to atone for sin. Elaborate rituals are not needed to atone for sin. I am pleased to say that the atonement for sins was accomplished by blood and the work finished! The blood spilled at Calvary was for the redemption of those who would repent of sins and trust in the sacrifice of Jesus as the atonement, the propitiation, and the expiation of sins. Not only did he die for sin, for then our salvation would be but half done. He rose! He defeated death itself. HE IS RISEN! If he is risen indeed, and we are in him, our rising is sure. Our salvation is secure. Our home is in heaven.


Ps 19

In the beginning of this Psalm we see the cosmological argument for God laid out in beautifully poetic form.

The next thing David does is praise the LAW of YHWH! If YHWH has indeed created the universe then indeed any rules and laws he gives by which to govern us must them be equally as beautiful and wonderful as the stars in the heavens! Though the laws regarding the national governing of Israel and those of ritual sacrifice are no longer directly applicable to us, the laws of morality are. We should look at those laws and delight that they are there. That the same God who created such glorious things to take our breath away, created the Law too.

David also delights that the Law shows where his sin lies and asks God for mercy in those areas where he does not know he sins. Further, he asks God to keep him from any other willful sins.


Questions to Ponder:

* !!!HE IS RISEN!!!


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