Bible Reading Plan (Day 100)


DAY ONE HUNDRED — Leviticus 15, Psalm 18

Lev 15

Interestingly we see rules for cleanliness in regards to purity and impurity in regards to the regular functioning of human sexual organs. I must confess some discomfort in discussing this topic, but if the Bible brings it up I cannot shy away from it.

First the law addresses the uncleanness of a man with a discharge and the purification rituals involved therein. Note with this and with all discharges, emissions, or cycles there are strict sanitary rules in place.

Next, men who have a discharge are very unclean, everything they touch, sit on, and wear is in need of purification or destruction. When the discharge is cleansed he must wait seven days and then bathe to be totally clean. On the eighth day he is to bring a sacrifice. It seems to imply by the bringing of a sin offering and a burnt offering that the discharge is a direct result of a sin. Perhaps it is assumed to be a VD.

Emissions of semen are not so bad as those come about during the normal course of a man’s life. Uncleanliness is remedied by washing in water alone.

For the womans’ cycle: the woman, what she touches, and what touches what she touches are all unclean. Wow!


Ps 18

David recognizes who the One is who delivers him from danger and from his enemies is YHWH. He emphasises the holiness and violent majesty of His presence.

David then praises the Lord for his right treatment of righteous people.


Questions to Ponder:

*This being Holy Saturday I would again encourage you to focus upon the atoning work of the cross.


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