Bible Reading Plan (Day 99)


DAY NINETY-NINE — Leviticus 14, Psalm 17

Good to be back and I thank you for your prayers! I also want to thank ageman for taking over while I was away on a short mission trip to La Mision, Mexico. I’ll have a blog post up “soon” with pictures and testimony.

Lev 14

The laws regarding the restoration to ceremonial cleanliness in regards to leprosy are expounded upon here. Think back, we’ve read of Jesus healing lepers by touching them. The holiest and cleanest, willfully touching the most unholy and unclean.

Hey! Who would have thought that the Holy Bible would address mold growing in a house and warn of the dangers. Humm… Looks like YHWH beat out the scientists on this one.


Ps 17

How does a righteous man pray? We see here as David prays in song.

David begins with down right demanding the Lord hear him on the basis of the righteousness the Lord knows is there. He recalls the tests and trials that came his way and how he passed those tests. He states his determination to follow God’s Law.

Those who seek refuge and salvation in the Lord will find it.

But who are these enemies? They are those who show no mercy, full of pride, those who do violence, plot against God’s people, those who are of Satan.

David asks the Lord to bring them low and humble them, and even for deliverance in the Lord’s killing of his enemies.

David recognizes the fact that the evil get all their reward here in this life. Money. Children. And the money they gain is left to thier children at death. Vanity. David, though, treasures the face of the Lord and his presence above all.


Questions to Ponder:

* Today is Good Friday, the day wherein Christianity recognizes the crucifixion of Jesus… There will be no questions to ponder today. Just this: Read your Bible… Pray…


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