Bible Reading Plan (Day 96)


DAY NINETY-SIX – Leviticus 10, Psalm 11 + 12

Lev 10

How serious is the LORD about his commandments? Very serious! On this chapter two sons of Aaron bring unauthorized fire, incense that is. The LORD didn’t command such thing. So what happens to them? Fire came out from before the LORD and consumed them and died. The LORD (basically, probably my take) says to Moses to tell Aaron that He will be glorified even when they do what they ought not to do. Once again, God is sovereign. Later, Moses tells Aaron and his sons what the LORD said about what to do and what not to do so that God’s wrath won’t be upon them and die.


Psalm 11, 12

For some reason I think it’s hard to do the Psalms. Well for me at least. But reading God’s Word, studying it and understanding it is better than whining about silly things.

Psalm 11

This Psalm is clear: Faith in Him is refuge, and our salvation. For the wicked, it’s destruction and God’s wrath. We need to be reminded that having faith in  the Lord, is to not be listening to people that try to scare us with the old, “Watch out, the evildoer is out to kill you!” For we fear not man who can destroy the body, but God who can destroy both the body and the soul. ([Matthew 10:28] I paraphrased that last part.)

Psalm 12

“The Faithful Have Vanished.” And indeed it seems that way on our generation as it was on David’s generation. I know we have faithful stewards of the Lord here and there among us, but this land went from faithful to unfaithful. Before our people didn’t have to worry about reading the Bible on the streets or praying at school. Now it’s all about political correctness and all that corruption that goes on everyday. That goes to show how wicked we are and haters of God. Maybe we should pray like David and say, “Save, O LORD, for the godly one is gone; for the faithful have vanished from among the children of man.”


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