Bible Reading Plan (Day 94)


DAY NINETY-FOUR – Leviticus 8, Psalm 9

Leviticus 8

On this chapter Aaron and his sons are to be consecrated to the LORD and be ordain to make atonement. Moses cloths Aaron and his sons with the different garments and all that is needed for their consecration. The Tent of Meeting is anointed and so is Aaron. Sprinkling of blood, burning the bull’s kidneys for Aaron and his son’s atonement, killing the ram, burning it, killing the other ram, putting blood from the ram on their right ear lobe, right thumb and right big toe; these were all done to ordain Aaron and his sons. The ordination lasts for seven days and Aaron is not to go out of the Tent and do according to everything the LORD has commanded so that he won’t die.


Psalm 9

This Psalm begins with thanksgiving and a recognition of God deeds. Right after it, it shifts to “… My enemies… they stumble and perish before your presence.” This gives an account that the wicked shall not “live in the land.” That they will perish because of their wicked deeds against the Creator. But God will never forget the cry of the afflicted; they will be delivered. God who’s throne is higher than anyone’s or anything, from it he reigns and governs and judges justly all the nations. Every man he knows and every deed that has been committed against him and his people. To all the nations (or people) that forget him, he will judge and send them to Sheol (hell).


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