Bible Reading Plan (Day 91)


DAY NINETY-ONE — Leviticus 5, Psalms 3-4

Lev 5

The rules and process for the sin offering continue. The sin offering is designed to be available for each and every person. Yet even for the lowest possible offering (fiscally) it is still costly.

They Guilt Offerings are for sins of commission or sins done knowingly while the Sin Offerings are for those of omission and/or done unknowingly. These are even more costly.


Ps 3-4

Psalm 3 is a cry for salvation.

David is fleeing from his son who is trying to kill him. He realizes that his only help is the Lord and that with the Lord as help, all foes are defeated. Our main foe is not our son trying to kill us, but sin. Though we will die. We may lie down to sleep (die), but we will wake again, in heaven.

Psalm 4 shows David pleading to the Lord to hear his prayer.

God is David’s righteousness. He knows full well he does not have it on his own. David takes comfort knowing that God has set him apart and made him holy and godly. Though we get angry and we are slandered and maligned, we are not to sin in our anger we must go on with worship and praise while trusting in the Lord to take vengeance. David rests in peace with God despite enmity with man.


Questions to Ponder:

  • Explain why the guilt offerings are more costly than the sin offerings.
  • How should a Christian deal with anger?

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