Bible Reading Plan (Day 90)


DAY NINETY — Leviticus 4, Psalm 1-2

Lev 4

Today is Atheist’s Day… er… April Fool’s Day. But what follows here is no foolin’.

Sin is serious business. It is disgusting to the sight of YHWH. Even more disgusting than these descriptions of animal sacrifice are to all the card carrying PETA members out there. These are costly sacrifices.

Let me be clear. Sin, at the start, through the world into chaos. The “good” that God had done he then cursed as the due penalty for sin. All of creation fell into disorder. Things started to do what they had never done before. Die. Disease, decay, death, cancer, viruses, all off that came from the sin of Adam. The one who bore the image and likeness of God trashed God by comitting such treason.

God would have been perfectly right to destroy Adam, Eve, and the Serpent. It would have been just for all things created to be completely destroyed. Yet God did not do that. He promised to bring salvation.

In due time Adam and Eve died. Their children died, and their childrens’ children died. The train of death continued and then Moses came on the scene. The Lord revealed (as we are seeing here) the holy law. YHWH lays out the great level of perfection he demands. The people must no doubt look at this law and see their dire need for a savior. These sacrifices are costly and by following the letter of the law they would have to be done often. What could save them from all this death?

God had already been hinting, but though the prophets he spoke as clearly. A Messiah would come to save them.

After going back in slavery, fighting for their national identity against invading armies, the people of Israel lived in dark times. Then, a miracle happened. God entered time and space. The indescribable became human. One fully God and fully man was born and named Jesus. He lived the perfect, sinless life that no one could ever live. He did not stop there in his humility. Jesus consented to die the most wretched death imaginable and suffer the full wrath of God for the sins of God’s people.

Any questions?


Ps 1-2

The Psalms are wonderful. I like this plan because we get to read the Psalms twice. How cool is that?

Psalm 1 contrasts the righteous and the wicked and their fates in God’s sights.

Psalm 2 contrasts how God treats the righteous and the wicked. God laughs at the wicked’s pitiful attempts to spit in his face and deny him. While he righteous who take refuge in the Lord are blessed.


Questions to Ponder:

  • Compare the different types of sin offerings. Which ones are more elaborate and why?
  • Look at these two Psalms as an introduction to all 150. Where do you think this book is headed?

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