Bible Reading Plan (Day 89)


DAY EIGHTY-NINE — Leviticus 2-3, John 21

Lev 2-3

The laws regarding grain offerings are laid out.

Humm…. I wonder if anyone was thinking of Lev 2:13 when Jesus was speaking.

Next come offerings for peace. Note again the amount of blood and gore involved.


Jn 21

This is the first we hear out of Peter’s mouth since the “I DON’T KNOW HIM!” incident. Even in the upper room he is silent. Not seeing any way that he could have any use to the Master he thrice denied, he tells the others he is going back to his old job. So, Thomas, James, and John go with him.

Keep in mind this isn’t exactly wrong of them to do. Remember earlier?

Back at their old gig, they net nothing (no pun intended.) In the morning some strange fellow calls to them and asks if they have any fish. They reply, “No.” So this fellow tells them to try the other side of the boat. No doubt they scoffed, what are a few feet gonna do? So they humor the man. And whaddya know… they fill their nets!

For John, the author of this gospel, it clicks as to who this must be. “It is the Lord!” Realizing this too, Peter jumps into the water and swims to shore as the other’s bring in the day’s haul.

When they get there Jesus is already BBQ-ing some fish and warming some bread. Note: The One by Whom All Things Were Made needs no one to bring him food. Rather, he supplies it. So Jesus asks them to sit and eat.

After they eat (I wonder if Peter was oddly quiet), Jesus calls Peter out.

GREEK TIME! In verses 15 and 16 Jesus uses the word αγαπη (God-love) while Peter uses the work φιλως (love like friend). In 17 Jesus uses φιλως.  But see this time Peter doesn’t day that he would die in Jesus’ place. Peter isn’t braggadocios. In fact he intentionally uses a lesser word for love than Jesus uses out of his shame and new found humility.

Jesus then tells Peter the kind of death he will die. And then, as He said to Peter at the begining, “Follow me.”

Then Peter sees John and wonders, that if he is to die, what will happen to John. Jesus said, “If I wanted him to live until I come back, what is that to you? YOU! Follow me.” So rumor breaks out that John will live until Jesus returns.

This last verse closes out the book and the Gospels. We’ve read four of them. Each one gave us a slightly different view on what happened during the three years of Jesus’ ministry (and two included his birth.) Some had events other didn’t. That doesn’t mean they happened, it just means those that are included were important to the writer of that Gospel. Lastly, as John says, the world itself could not contain the books that could be written of what Jesus has done.


Questions to Ponder:

*In some way all the sacrifices of Leviticus relate to Christ. Keep that in mind and study how this is so.

*If you are a Christian you have had some encounter with the Lord. Think of it. Think of YOUR gospel. What story would  you tell of your salvation?


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