Bible Reading Plan (Day 88)


DAY EIGHTY-EIGHT — Leviticus 1, John 20

Lev 1

Many people like to complain that Leviticus is boring or irrelevant. Not so! This book is one long “Thus sayeth the Lord.” Further this book contains many of the rules in regards to holiness and right living.

This first chapter descibes, in gory detail, the laws in regards to burnt offerings.


Jn 20

What a wonderful place to come to!

The mental images of Jesus’ body abused and murdered still stung the minds of those who loved him. Worse still, the guilt over denial or abandonment of Jesus from eleven others.

Upon the discovery of the Resurrection there is disbelief. Could it be grave robbers? The situation seemed to be going from bad to worse.

As Mary Magdalene sat weeping at such horror, she hears a voice, but does not recognize it. The conversation continues. She even looks at this person. At last the person says her name. At the sound of her name it clicks. This is not a gardener or hired hand. This is the Lord Himself! He tells her to go tell the apostles.

Later that evening Jesus shows himself to the disciples. He goes through bolted locked doors, but is fully material!

One of the apostles wasn’t there and cannot believe the report. This is the same one who was willing to return to Jerusalem only to die. His hopes dashed, he finds no joy and demands hard proof.

It comes. And when it comes he can do nothing but worship.

There is a special blessing. Thomas has seen, touched, looked at and handled. But those without that luxury, but believe anyway are blessed!

Why was this Gospel written? John sasys simply… So that you may believe and have life.


Questions to Ponder:

*Why would so much gore and blood be involved in this offering?

*Explain why the apostles would be astounded at the statement, “Peace be with you.”


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