Bible Reading Plan (Day 85)


DAY EIGHTY-FIVE — Exodus 38, John 17

Ex 38

Again we see the intricate description of the Tabernacle and the furnishings.

So what’s the total value of this thing? Well… priceless. But I guess if you have too…. from the most recent data:

$32,968,685 worth of gold
$1,642,637 worth of silver
((only data I could find for bronze was $1.48/lb in Aug 22 2005))
That totals to more than $34,611,322 in precious metals alone. That’s not counting all the wood and fabric and dye and man hours!

There’s little doubt in my mind that this “tent” would, all costs added up, be up there in cost with the latest Las Vegas resort/casino.


Jn 17

How did Jesus pray? What did he pray about? In the Lord’s divine mercy he shows us….

Wordle of the High Priestly Prayer

Wordle of the High Priestly Prayer

 I must confess I find word clouds to be a very helpful aid. What did Jesus pray about? His prayer is focused upon God. The Trinity can place nothing higher than itself and rightly so.  The whole focus of this conversation is the Trinity and the relationship of such with. 

In the first section Jesus prays for God’s glory being displayed through him.

In the second section Jesus prays for the apostles. He prays for their salvation and unity. Jesus makes a clear distinction between himself and the world, further stating that if the apostle’s are his, they cannot and are not of the world. There’s something else important here. (That’s an understatement). The prayer is for the apostles to remain on earth. The prayer was for them to undergo persecution and even martyrdom. The prayer is not for living of the best life now, but the prayer that they be sanctified and kept from evil. Jesus says the way thier sanctification happens is through HIS consecration.

In the third section Jesus prays for (drumroll….) US! These seven verses are Jesus praying for you, if you are elect. What does He pray for in our regard. That we be united in Christ to the Father and with each other. The love and unity displayed amongst the persons of the Trinity are to be displayed among the fellowship of believers.


Questions to Ponder:

*Why such an elaborate and costly construction for the Tabernacle?

*Summarize Jesus’ prayer in 22 words or less.


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