Bible Reading Plan (Day 84)


DAY EIGHTY-FOUR — Exodus 37, John 16

Good morning! Yesterday’s notes for the reading plan were done by Ageman. When I go, in a few weeks, to Mexico he will be running the show. That was a little dry run to make sure everything works smooth.

Ex 37

 The narrative repeats the specifications of the articles as Bezalel makes them.


Jn 16

Sorry for the above brevity. I want more time here. ^_^

So, there will be trouble and persecutions from the Jewish leaders. I would dare say that can cross over to those who make a stand for sound theology in a church that teaches more of living your best purpose driven life now than the cross.

Jesus will leave. His work of salvation is almost complete. There was no reason for him to divulge all this information at the beginning of his ministry as it was not needed, now it is. The Parakletos is coming, he will bring conviction. You know… that feeling right before you got saved where you saw the full depth and depravity of sin and ran to Jesus for salvation? That’s conviction. Why did that have to come? You didn’t believe! When Jesus died, rose, and ascended it sealed the righteousness of God. Any righteousness we have is not though our own righteousness, but HIS! And there will be judgment against the ruler of this world. Satan.

So Jesus will depart, but the revelation is not yet closed. (That happened when the cannon was discovered.)  We see then more of the economy of the Trinity. We see a hierarchy!

Jesus speaks clearly (hindsight being 20/20), but the disciples didn’t get it. As usual, they don’t come right out and ask, so Jesus clarifies.

The crucifixion and the time after will cause great pain to the disciples. They will weep and mourn, but when Jesus is raised the disciples will be filled with joy!

Something here is noteworthy. Jesus says the disciples will abandon him, but he has the Father with him. But recall what he cried out on the cross: “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?”  When he carried the full weight of our sins, the Father could only look upon him in anger, rejection, and wrath.

These past few chapters, Jesus has given us information to tell us what we need to know to have peace.


Questions to Ponder:

*These are troubled times. Go back and read the last few chapters of John. Remember, that if you are saved, you have peace with God.


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