Bible Reading Plan (Day 82)


DAY EIGHTY-TWO — Exodus 35, John 14

Ex 35

The Sabbath Law is again defined. This is especially important as the people are about to begin building the Tabernacle.

It is important to see that the Tabernacle is not built with arm twisting or with pleadings. It is built out of the joyful giving of those of God’s people who were willing to give.

Those YHWH chose as His primary craftsmen begin thier work in teaching and leading the people in the construction.


Jn 14

Judas has departed to do his dirty deed. Jesus and eleven remain. What he has to say to them is of utmost importance.

Jesus just dropped the bomb that Peter would thrice deny Jesus. The next thing he says. “Don’t be troubled.”

Those Jesus loves he prepares a place (sorry Doug Paggit) for. The way there, they know.

Thomas admits that they aren’t clear.

Jesus then makes a statement so shocking it can draw a crowd in seconds. Jesus is exclusive. Yes, even in the Greek you get the definite article. THE way. THE truth. THE life. NO ONE BUT BY ME!!!

Sorry William “Mac in the Shack” Young. NO ONE comes to the Father but by Jesus. And you sir do not know either the Father or the Son. Your book is proof enough.

Jesus is part of the Trinity. Homoousia. He and the Father and the Spirit are all of one nature but distinct in their works. After explaining how He relates to the Father, Jesus explains how the Spirit comes into play.

The Holy Spirit is our Helper. He comes to us to encourage us. Even to cause us to be born again! The Holy Spirit will indwell in those who are Christians.

Our keeping God’s commands shows we love him. Though we cannot do so perfectly the Law of the Lord becomes our delight. (See Question).

No doubt these men were tired. The night was long and, to be honest, I have a hard time remembering what happened three days ago, let alone the happenings over a three year span! It is for that reason the Holy Spirit will aid these men to recall Jesus’ earthly ministry so as to spread  the Gospel across nations.

After saying this, Jesus bids the disciples to rise, and depart. From there they go to one of the holiest places in Scripture….


Questions to Ponder:

*What does the Lord command of us? Make a list of the commands the Lord gives in the New Testament. Compare them with the commands we have seen so far in the Old.


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