Bible Reading Plan (Day 81)


DAY EIGHTY-ONE — Exodus 34, John 13

Ex 34

The previous tablets broken, Moses is to cut some more rock so YHWH would write the covenant again. Moses does so and goes back up the mountain. YHWH descended and then gives his name to Moses. YHWH proclaims His goodness and love to Moses, but leaves a quandary. How can He forgive iniquity but not clear the guilty?

The Covenant is renewed with a few more clauses added. Moses stays up on the mountain for forty more days and nights. Sustained by YHWH without any need for food or water.

The constant presence of YHWH creates a physical effect on Moses. So much are the together that Moses face shines with the reflected glory of YHWH.

Dear Christian… How much time do we spend in the presence of the Lord? Though we cannot do so to the same degree as Moses we have such options available to us as never before. There are weeks worth of sermons by good, holy, sound teachers and preachers in which we can partake. There are also wonderful books, libraries of sound writings that are available for our reading, many for free. There is also an abundance of the printed Word of God. Study Bibles galore! Given this, why aren’t we glowing?


Jn 13

At some point during the Last Supper, Jesus rises and washes his disciples feet. Such a common and lowly task would normally be done by a bond-servant, but obviously there was not one available. So Jesus does this. But note what is said before: Jesus knew he would soon be crucified, Jesus knew the Father had given him all things, Jesus knew where he was from and that he would return there. Jesus is fully aware of who he is. God Himself. He knows that every single one of these men should be down at his feet weeping and begging not to be destroyed. Yet Jesus humbles himself even further. He washes the disciples callused, dirt encrusted feet.

So shocked by this Simon Peter demands that Jesus not do such a lowly task.

Jesus tells Peter that this is not something for him to understand now, but later.
A dear friend of mine recently found out about an involuntary transfer that is being forced upon her. Know her as I do I can see she wonders what is going on, though she is trusting in the Lord’s good plan. I hope this verse would be a comfort to her. “You don’t have to understand now. You’ll get it soon enough.”

Jesus says he must wash Peter, if not Peter cannot have any part of Christ.

If this is from selfish motive or from genuine I am not sure. (Peter is not very easy to read at this point in the narrative. Isn’t easy to read in any of the Gospels. In one breath confessing Christ as Lord and the next rebuking Jesus!? Talk about whiplash!) Regardless, Peter demands that all of him be washed.

Jesus says that when one has had a bath he is clean, but his feet tend to get dirty. The same is true of us spiritually. We are, those who are constantly repenting and trusting in Jesus as Savior, clean. Yet we find ourselves picking up dirt, especially those parts of us that are in closest proximity to things dirty (the world). We need a constant cleansing from that and such comes only from Christ.

Jesus also lets on that he knows there is a betrayer among them. Perhaps, to give Judas a chance at repentance.

Competing the washing Jesus gives fuller meaning. If Jesus is as high and lofty as they disciples claim he is (and he is) and he humbles himself to do the most mean thing amongst them, so to should the disciples who are all equal with each other do such lowly things for each other.

Verse 20 is important. If one does not have Jesus, one does not have the Father.

The fact that Jesus is to betrayed still troubles him. The disciples don’t know who and make a fuss. John asks in Jesus ear who it is and tells John, who seems to not quite get it or not notice that Jesus says it is Judas (indirectly). Jesus then tells Judas to go quickly and do what must be done. So Judas goes out to betray God.

Jesus gives a new command, love each other. The disciples are to love one another the same way Jesus loved us.

Peter says he would give his life for his Lord. Jesus says that before the rooster crows he will have been three times denied by Peter.


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