Bible Reading Plan (Day 80)


DAY EIGHTY — Exodus 33, John 12

Ex 33

The Lord sees the “stiff-necked”-ness of the people of Israel and goes ahead of them to the people in the land they are to possess. He does not stay with them because, frankly, they are far to sinful for him not destroy. Ouch.

The people of Israel act rightly. They remove their ornaments. They walk as a people who should not be looked at highly. They walk in humility.

Moses would frequently go to speak to YHWH in person. Not through an angel or through some still small voice, but intimately.

So what happened in this Tent of Meeting? Moses intercedes for his people. He asks that YHWH be with him and them, and that if He is not, then they dare not move.

Moses asks to see YHWH’s face. But such a thing is impossible. Man is sinful and the very sight of the Most High would kill a man. But Moses is allowed a glimpse at the back of YHWH.


Jn 12

One week before passover Jesus is prepared for burial. Mary anoints him with costly perfume. Judas is indignant at this extravagant act. Jesus counter Judas attitude with a rebuke. There will be plenty of time to take care of poor people, in fact they will be around always, but Jesus will depart soon.

Lazarus became somewhat of a human marvel. When people would go to see him, he would no doubt tell them how Jesus took him from death to life, and how Ιησους Χριστος could do the same for them.

The chief preists also planned to kill Lazarus. HA HA HA! (*wink*)

Oh my… Let us look at the greatest narrative in all of Scripture.

Lazarus raised from the tomb, a man born blind healed, all these things Jesus had done and now he is coming into Jerusalem! Everyone went to see the miracle worker. The man who would be king!

When the Greeks (Gentile converts to Judaism) come seeking Jesus, we can see a bit of melancholy joy. Jesus anticipates his death and how that will bring about the salvation for many. But even knowing the gruesome manner of his death, Jesus does not ask to be spared, rather, he awaits it humbly so that the name of the Lord would be glorified. After Jesus professes that, a voice from heaven says, “I have glorified it, and I will glorify it again.” Note the differing views of some people. Some called it thunder, ignoring the plain voice of the Lord and attributing it to a storm. Others, hearing, but not understanding, call it an angel. Jesus himself explains that the voice is not for his comfort but for their hearing. Jesus says he must be lifted up to draw people from all over the world to himself. This confuses the people. Jesus begs the to believe in the light so that darkness will not defeat them. Those who believe in the light, become sons of light.

The people, though, would not believe. Some were blinded by the Lord as Isaiah had predicted.  Others, the authorities who actrually believed Jesus, loved their status more than they loved the Savior.

Jesus mission: to save the world. He came not as judge this time, but as Savior. Yet judgment is not ruled out for those who would not believe. They will face judgment for the Word has come and the did not listen.



Questions to Ponder:

*Why does Joshua stay by the Tent of Meeting?

*Lazarus was brought from death to life. What could possibly scare him? NOTHING! What should scare us?


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One Response to “Bible Reading Plan (Day 80)”

  1. Adrian Says:

    When I was reading Exodus 33 and got to the part of Joshua; the only conclusion I had was that he stayed there because Joshua was Moses’ assistant. That’s all I see in that verse of Joshua staying by the tent. But it did seem very interesting.

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