EXPOSED: Sunday School Musical


Thanks to A Little Leaven I was introduced to this little bit of skubalon:

Yeah… You just saw what you think you saw. Don’t gouge out your eyes just yet! It gets worse.

Thinking to myself, “Okay… there could be some redeeming value.” I went on ahead and checked out this movie on IMDB to see what the reviews said. Well… that wasn’t too encouraging because it only got 1.9/10 stars on (as of this writing) 146 votes.

Okay… but what do people know. So I thought to look into the writers a bit…

Uh…. WOW!

According to IMDB one of the writers, Rachel Goldenberg (who also directed), has worked as line producer on such family friendly film fare as Death Racers (Tagline: “It’s not about the speed…It’s about the BLOOD!”), for which she was also unit production manager, and 18 Year Old Virgin. Her resume also includes assistant directorial work on AVH: Alien vs. Hunter. A majority of this work is in conjunction with a studio called “The Asylum” which apparently specializes in low-budget cinematic swill.

The other writer, Ashley Holloway, is also in the mix of questionable taste. Her movies include the R-rated Fall Down Dead and The Alphabet Killer. Now… I do know that “House” (Ted Dekker) got an R-rating for it’s thrill level, so I gave a look at what garnered the R-ratings. “Violence, grisly images, a scene of strong sexuality, some nudity and language” and “language and some violence” respectively.

Furthermore…. The female lead, Candise Lakota, also had a part in the movie The Curse of Alcatraz.  Rated R for “violence, language and some drug use.” And this girl is singing “Come Thou Fount.”

Another actor, Dustin Fitzsimons, was brought along from 18 Year Old Virgin and Death Racers.

Parents, church members, youth with an ounce of discernment…. If your church decides to show this movie as some sort of movie night or fun night or at a lock-in, let the leaders know as soon as possible. This is, it seems, another clever ruse by Hollywood to worm its way into the church.

NOTE: I am unaware of a conversion happening for any of the aforementioned people between the making of any of those vile films and the making of Sunday School Musical. If it has, I would love to know so I can update this post as soon as possible with that good news and edit the blog appropriately.


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