Bible Reading Plan (Day 77)


DAY SEVENTY-SEVEN — Exodus 30, John 9

Ex 30

The altar for incense is described. Only things that God ordains to be placed on the altar can be.

There is a flat tax put on Israel.

Directions for the bronze basin and for making an anointing oil are given.


Jn 9

Here is another one of my favorite stories (I don’t really like using that word but ‘narrative’ has been hijacked by the emerg***s.)

The disciples assume that the man’s blindness is a direct consequence of someone’s sin. In a sense it is (Adam! I’m looking at you!) but Jesus shows that this man’s suffering is designed to bring glory to God.

The man never saw the one who healed him, but in faith he did as he was told. The people who knew him were astounded! How!? WHO!?

Straight away they take the man to the Pharisees. The Pharisees knew who had done it and are indignant that Jesus is healing on the Sabbath! But some of them (Nicodemus no doubt) come to his defense. So they ask the man who he thinks Jesus is and the man says, “A prophet!”

They begin to doubt this miracle and call in the man’s parents to see if he was REALLY blind. They parents testify to the identity and former condition of their son, but will not say a word that will endanger their public standing. So they throw that back onto their son. (Nice one!)

The Pharisees call back the blind man. They make him swear to tell the truth and say that Jesus is a sinner. The man says he doesn’t know if that is true or not, but he does know he can now see! Again they ask how he was healed. The man gets bold and says, “I told you! What? You want to be his disciples too?” The Pharisees get real mad at this and tell them man “You may be, but we follow MOSES! God spoke to HIM! That Jesus fellow… ha! Don’t even know where he came from.” The man then shows total boldness in his conviction of who Jesus is. “Really? So the fact he was able to heal me doesn’t give you a clue? If he were a sinner God would do anything for him. God only empowers those who are doing his will and worship him. If he weren’t from God, he’d be powerless!”

The man is then excommunicated.

Word of this gets to Jesus who finds the man and asks him if he believes. The man says, “Just point me to him.” Jesus (in my mind at least) smiles and says, “You’re looking right at him.” The man then worships Jesus.

Jesus then pronounces a judgment. Those who think the can see are really blind. Those who cannot see, they will be given sight.

Some Pharisees nearby scoff. Jesus rebukes them.


Questions to Ponder:

* Why is the Lord so exacting on what may be offered on the altar for incense?

* Explain the progression of the blind man’s faith and in any way it mirrors your own.


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