Bible Reading Plan (Day 76)


DAY SEVENTY-SIX — Exodus 29, John 8

Ex 29

This entire chapter is about consecration, setting apart, making holy. The making holy of who? The priests! Why? So they can approach God. For what reason would they need to do that? Because they need to intercede for the people of Israel. Again, WHY!? Because they need to be consecrated too. So if the priests make the people holy who makes the priests holy? … … … AHA! We have a winner. How can something unholy make itself holy? It CAN’T. God has to make holy.


Jn 8

Again, we have entered into Spurioustextville. We passed through this town at the end of Mark and now are forced to pass through it again. If you remember, it is safe here, but we need to keep our eyes peeled.

I must confess… I love this story. Beautiful. They hypocritical Pharisees set a trap for a woman, they drag her to Jesus, and then command Jesus to pass judgement. So Jesus does… on them all. As they leave, seeing their own deep sinfulness the woman remains. She stands there, naked, shuddering, wondering if the rock will hit. Then Jesus asks her to look around to see who is remaining that has no sin. Then she sees Jesus standing there, looking at her. I can see her looking into his eyes “No one, Lord.” Then she thinks, “There’s no one here except Jesus who is sinless. And I am the worst sinner of them all. I deserve to die right here and now.” Then she sees his eyes again and sees herself there. Her sins are forgiven… they are gone. She is at his mercy totally and she knows it. “Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more.”

AMEN!  Ladies and gentlemen… repentance, faith, salvation.

We now exit Spurioustextville.

And walk smack into Twisttown. You know… where things get twisted WAY out of context. Jesus says, “I judge no one.” Wait… stop. Right at that point in his duties he is not judge. He is Savior. But he will come again to judge… and when that happens…

Jesus claims unity with the Father and speaks rather plainly about the Father’s plan. The people do not understand him. The time is not yet right. Indeed, they CANNOT understand him.

WHOOP! Another Twister: “The truth will set you free.” What is that truth though? That’s the question.

And Jesus gives the answer…. It isn’t a pretty one either. This isn’t Live Your Best Life Now In God’s Wonderful Plan For Your Life With Hope For Today Of Becoming A Better You: Purpose Driven Edition. Humanity is a slave to sin. Jesus is the only one who can set us free. Once one understands that truth, and grasps that truth, it is impossible not to fling oneself at the cross.

It gets more heated as Jesus shows them clearly that it is impossible for them to be of God because they do not understand what he is telling them plainly. They are the devil’s children NOT God’s.

Ya know… I dunno Larry.

So it gets even MORE on fire… They call Jesus a demon possessed Samaritan. Jesus gets on them harder. He does not back down he continues to point to them the truth of themselves and the truth of his nature. At last he exposes them as liars who do not know God and are not even children of the Abraham that Jesus himself has seen. They scoff, “Pff… You’re not even 50!” Then Jesus drops the bomb… “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”

Jesus declared himself THE GOD. Utter blasphemy if he is wrong. The only one worthy of worship if he is right. There is no middle ground. Ever.


Questions to Ponder:

* Now that you have read Exodus 29, go read Hebrews 9:1-10:18!! GET IT!? HOW COOL IS THAT!?


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