Bible Reading Plan (Day 75)


DAY SEVENTY-FIVE — Exodus 28, John 7

Ex 28

Down to detail… that’s how exacting God’s standard is, especially when it comes to worshiping Him. The Lord continues on giving instructions for worship.

Verse two is very big. Who gives skill? Who makes one able to do the handiwork? The Lord! And all skill should be used for his glory.


Jn 7

An interesting thing is that those in Jesus’ own family did not believe in him! They wanted him to show himself fully and make a name for himself. Yet his time to show himself for who he is had not yet come to fulfilment. The time for man to show who man is always there. And man is evil. Of course, no man wants to hear that. Therefore, Jesus is hated. Darkness hates light.

Jesus does indeed go to the feast. When he goes he hears the murmurings about him and the diverse opinions. He then begins to stand up and preach. The shocker (as in Matthew and Luke) is that his preaching is authoritative and wise without him having any “formal” education. Here, he explains why… What the Father tells him to say, he says.

Preaching is not done on the preacher’s authority, yet the preacher must speak with authority. That authority comes from the Word of God.

Hey! Check out verse 19! NONE OF YOU KEEPS THE LAW!

Jesus already has a mark on him. (He has had that mark since before time began, he will have other marks throughout eternity.)

Jesus attacks their faulty view of the Law, especially in regards to the Sabbath.

The people begin to wonder if Jesus is the Messiah they seek. Is he?

When the officers come to arrest him he aims this next comment at them. Bluntly, he is telling them that they are doomed to hell and will enjoy an eternal Sabbath with him in glory.

Jesus makes a promise of living water. One that goes back to Jeremiah (2:13, 17:13)

The speculation among the people grows.

When the officers fail to arrest Jesus, being so in awe by his speaking, they return to a rebuke from the Pharisees. When the Pharisees suggest that they are to smart to be “deceived” by Jesus Nicodemus pipes up and says, “What? We can’t give the guy a fair listen?” He is then mocked by his fellow Pharisees. “No prophet arises from Galilee!” Uh… Are you sure?

This next part is a spurious text and will be dealt with tomorrow.


Questions to Ponder:

* Why would Jesus tell his brothers he would not go to the feast and then show up?

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