Bible Reading Plan (Day 73)


DAY SEVENTY-THREE — Exodus 26, John 5

Ex 26

Right off the bat, God gives instructions for worshiping and glorifying HIM!

Note the detail God describes building of the Tabernacle.


Jn 5

After the wonderful miracle of conversion that took place in Samaria, Jesus goes to Jerusalem. When he preforms a miracle there, he is chastised. However, He is God and can do as he pleases. God does not rest on the sabbath day! If he did, the entire universe would fall apart.

Next, we get a glimpse into the economics of the Trinity. Specifically that the SON SUBMITS TO THE FATHER!!! Sorry whatever your name was who wrote The Shack. You are a heretic. Repent immediately. Thank you.


Questions to Ponder:

*Please forgive the brevity of my discussions on this day’s readings. I had a car accident. I am fine, the other person involved is fine. The person who cause the accident sped off, so… yeah… Please pray for us. I’m still shaken up and finding it difficult to concentrate on anything for longer than 2 minutes.


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